A digital portrait drawing of me, Auden. I'm white with freckles, long brown hair, and a big smile.


    He/They â€ĸ 21 â€ĸ White (USA) â€ĸ Pansexual â€ĸ Trans/Nonbinary

    hi there!! my name is auden! nice to meet you! i'm a digital artist with a passion for the old internet and self expression. i love making things, meeting new people, and hanging out with my friends!!

in my spare time, i'm usually watching something, reading, drawing, writing, animating, playing games, or browsing the web!

i've grown up on the internet since I was very young and am happy to call it my second home!! i really enjoy learning new skills and hearing about what other people are interested in, my hyperfixations can change pretty regularly, but my special interests are always a direct way into my heart lol


    ✏ī¸ Animation + digital art
    🕹ī¸ Pokemon, Sonic, Minecraft, Undertale / Deltarune, and more
    💾 Computers, retro tech, old internet, iDogs and Aibo
    🔮 D&D, theatre, storytelling
    đŸŽĩ Gorillaz, Mitski, LoveJoy, Lemon Demon, Jakey, My Chemical Romance, and many more! [Click for Spotify Playlist]
    📕 Psychology, mental health, reading
    😋 Baked goods, enchiladas, mac & cheese, hot cocoa, citrus


☕ Coffee + tea
👎ī¸ Bad textures (chalk. ew)
đŸ˜ĩ‍đŸ’Ģ Overstimulation
☀ī¸ Hot weather
🐡 Seafood
⛔ Ignorance
🌀 Dissociation


made by auden! ❤ 2022-2024