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hi! my name is auden, and this is my personal website! it's so nice to meet you! this is my digital space where i talk about the things that interest me as well as a place to share resources that i've found helpful with you! feel free to poke around, and thanks for stopping by!

just so you can get an idea of what you'll find here, i'm a digital artist with a love for video games, all kinds of music, creative media, and self expression on the web, as well as reading and learning more about topics that interest me! i'm also transmasc nonbinary and autistic, and those both play a huge role in who i am! im a firm believer in acceptance, kindness, freedom of the self and mental health advocacy!

click around and see what i have! i'm always happy to make a new friend, so if you'd like to reach out below, please do so!


  • 7/27/2023 - new blog post: Waking Up
  • 6/21/2023 [v1.1] - mini ongoing visual update to site + new blog post: "Summer Blues"
  • 2/15/2023 - new blog post: "Busy, Busy!"
  • 1/18/2023 [v1.0] - site officially out of testing! have fun poking around, more to come!


  • finish homepage
  • join webrings and groups
  • pokemon shrine
  • jerma985 shrine (yes seriously)
  • add more links
  • add more games
  • add more fav cities
  • choose your own adventure
  • make more to-dos
  • add more to mental health page
  • add comments to blog
  • make guestbook cool
  • compile links
  • start fave cities page
  • finish about
  • start sitemap
  • create guestbook
  • finish blog

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If you have a comment, concern, or just want a private way to reach out to me, here's my mailbox! This just sends a message to me personally. Feel free to sign off, or don't! Thanks for sending either way!