here's some things from the web id like to share with you! sorry about the mess, this is an older page that i'll be coming back to spruce up with more links and better formatting soon!

Free Stuff
  • Obsidian - obsidian is a free computer program (and phone app!) in the vein of notion where it's a "second brain" information storage for you to do whatever youd like with. it has a simple, almost plaintext-like interface that i find very helpful and intuitive. obsidian keeps your "vaults" (your information) solely on your device with no connection to the internet, meaning you arent uploading anything to a site with shady security and can access it whenever you can access your device!! i personally love it and prefer it to notion simply because it's entirely text based with plugins to do basically whatever you want (calendar with daily journaling tracking, automatic page templates, interactive to-do lists, etc). i use mine as like a giant file folder of all the info i think is important and want to keep like articles and poems and stuff, as well as mental health resources and as a daily journal!! you can bend it to do basically whatever you want (i see people use it a lot for worldbuilding like in stories and ttrpg campaigns), so have fun!!

  • Krita - krita is my current choice for free digital art software! i previously used medibang paint (which is still great!), but had to make the switch when medibang refused to fully recognize my XP Pen art tablet. no regrets, full of wonderful features and simple to learn!

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